Coaching takes a person to hard-to-reach places which workshops alone cannot.

Capelle ignites individuals through Coaching partnerships to ENABLE, ENERGIZE and EMPOWER them to achieve their goals.

1. Essence of Coaching: The Intent

coaching sharpened

2. Coaching & Coach

Coaching is most effective when there is change or a need for change. Newness in perspective, newness in approach and newness in behaviors and actions are needed in the midst of change and transitions.  

Immediate New: Managing changes in roles & responsibilities, in new environment with new relationships 
Future New: Preparing for change in role; leadership development & progression

3. Coaching Services
  • Executive Coaching for Senior Management
  • Structured Leadership Development for High Potentials
  • Professional Organizational Coach Training Workshops (POCT)
  • CLAF – An integrated Solution for Leadership Development


4. Professional Organization Coach Training (POCT)

In today’s highly competitive, volatile and uncertain business environment, leaders are under even greater pressure to deliver results. At the same time, they are also expected to develop their people, grow bench strength and put in place solid succession plans. 

Many organizations are realizing that a coaching intervention is one of the most effective ways to provide the support that leaders need.  A professionally-trained coach can bring out the best in a leader and help close development gaps, especially in the context of transitions as such new-on-board, role enlargement or succession planning.

Professionally-trained coaches can be either external or internal.  More organizations are now equipping their HR professionals and managers to assume the role of an internal coach.

This program focuses on equipping the Organization Coach – one who works with leaders in organizations, to support them to achieve their desired goals.


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