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Strategic Planning

Developing and implementing a strategy is the core task of leaders in an organization. Every organization needs clarity of its longer-term destination and the space it wants to occupy in the competitive landscape.

To have a strategy is to chart the organization’s direction by exploring its fundamental assumptions and assessing the environment in which it operates. It goes beyond “Vision/Mission” statements and financial goals. It is about having an in-depth understanding of external drivers and internal resources and crafting a specific and coherent response for implementation. 

In an environment where disruption is the new constant, strategic planning is necessary for the organization to “be in time for the future”. This is especially so in a world that is experiencing disruptions from technological innovations, societal evolution and environmental preservation.

And as the late John Maynard Keynes (British economist), cautioned, “the difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas, as in escaping from the old ones”. 

Our Value Proposition
  • Our tools for challenging assumptions will help leaders to validate existing premises and establish new premises where appropriate.
  • Our structured framework for translating Strategy into actionable Focus Areas/Key Thrusts will help drive the successful implementation of the organization’s strategy.
  • Our experience in Organizational Alignment work will ensure effective communication and alignment of the leadership team’s strategy with the rest of the organization. 


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