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About Project Joy

Project Joy is a new initiative with the objective of improving the retention of Early Childhood (EC) professionals in the EC sector. This will equip EC operators with the knowledge to implement better organizational and HR practices so that their EC professionals will feel respected and valued as employees with a greater sense of belonging to their organizations.

Consisting of both training and consulting interventions, the training programmes will focus on both leadership as well as HR capability development.  The consultancy will be then be on 2 selected practises. 

Capelle is one of the 2 consulting firms appointed to roll-out the program industry wide.

For a fresh perspective on an old issue, sometimes, we need a new pair of eyes. So, give us a call and let our consultants walk you through the design of our program.


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Our Value Proposition
  • We meet clients’ specific needs by offering customized, contextually relevant and values-based solutions  

  • We deploy consultants with extensive corporate experience in Human Resource and Organization Development (OD) and who have trained over 57,000 learners from 2014 to 2016

  • Our development team has developed over 100 programs under the WSQ framework with experience in more than 10 different sectors, including the public sector, hospitality, social services, education and healthcare. 

For more enquiries on consultancy matters, kindly contact our team at [email protected].