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ADEPT at Delivering the Future – a Design Thinking experience

Innovation future-proofs a business. Design thinking helps to foster an experience design mindset which ensures the organization’s competitive edge is maintained. And everyone in the team has a role to play in delivering experience designs which resonate and delight.

Through a deep understanding of users, participants will become sensitive to the myriad opportunities to improve processes, products, environments and experiences. In collaboration with team members, participants will learn to tap into users’ needs and wants, prototype and test innovations, incorporate feedback and cultivate a mindset that is committed to delivering the future. 


Common Challenges

  1. Shallow insights on needs and wants of user
  2. Difficulty in generating new ideas constantly
  3. Not knowing how to visualize ideas
  4. Uncertain how to determine effectiveness of ideas & to find the right solution for the user

What Will you Learn

  1. Mindset and skills of a user-centered approach
  2. Ideation methods
  3. Rapid prototyping to learn from feedback
  4. Test solutions and co-create with the user

Target Audience: All who can contribute to identifying inefficiencies in work processes and opportunities for change and innovation.

Time: 9am – 6pm

Course Fee: $650 *

*All course fees displayed are before government subsidies. Please click here for more details on subsidized course fees. 

Skill Standard

Contribute to Innovation Process within own scope of Work in the Business Unit

Assumed Skills

  • Understand relevant organizational strategies, objectives, culture, policies, processes and products / services
  • Have analytical skills to identify opportunities for change and innovation within own scope of work and to identify inefficiencies in work processes
  • Have organizational, planning and time management skills to support implementation of innovation initiatives
  • Have interpersonal and communication skills to interact with team members
  • Have negotiation skills to justify individual proposed ideas