Over the years, I have attended a number of leadership programs... The “Impact and Imprint” workshop is unlike any of those that I have attended. The carefully thought-through design of the workshop provides opportunities for leaders to take a step back to review what they have achieved and who they want to be going forward through making an impact on the organization and creating an imprint on those around them.
Chey Yan Kit
Head Learning & Development, Deloitte & Touche LLP

About the Workshop

The Impact & Imprint (I&I) workshop is a 4D3N offsite program targeted at senior leaders and hi-potentials who have been “running” hard and have little time and space to deliberate on how to take their leadership to the next level and deliver further Impact on their organization and Imprint on those under them and still maintain their personal lives.

Unlike most training programs, I&I focuses, primarily, on providing a safe, open and engaging environment for the participants to pause, reflect and examine their deeply-held beliefs and values as a leader.


Why Impact & Imprint?

To survive the VUCA environment, an effective leader needs to:

  1. Create an impact on organization’s goals
  2. Make an imprint on people so that their lives are built as valuable assets
  3. Lead a fulfilling work and personal life to be truly effective as a leader

This workshop is an investment for developing sustainable leadership in an organization. The return-on-investment is a holistic and effective leader who can impact on performance and imprint on people.


Topics Covered

The key principle of the workshop is that leaders today must excel in both their ‘Being’ & ‘Doing’. The main topics are presented in the ensuing model.

Our Facilitators

Tan Tat Jin

Tan Tat Jin

Managing Partner and Principal Consultant

Tsao Yuan_circle

Tsao Yuan

Coaching Solutions Advisor

Goh Yong Yong

Goh Yong Yong

Senior Partner

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