A training arm of Capelle Consulting, Capelle Academy is an Approved Training Organization (ATO) specializing in Service Excellence, Leadership, Performance Management, and Employability Skills framework.

Capelle Academy is also a registered Private Education Institution (PEI) with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) under the provisions and regulations of the Private Education Act 2009 in Singapore.

  • Registration Number: 199401442E
  • Period of Registration: 26 September 2020 to 25 September 2024
  • Manager: Goh Yong Yong
  • Academic & Examination Board: Tan Tat Jin, Kim Tan, Mia Chua
  • Operations Manager: Linda Tan

Reception Area

Training Rooms

  • Excellence & Value Creation Rooms: 45 sqm each
  • Equipment: SMARTBoard, 2 Flipcharts, Speaker system, Water Dispensers
  • Class Size: 16-24 pax to 1 Trainer

Teabreak Area

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