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At Capelle, we work with both corporate teams and individuals to unleash your potential in leadership and service excellence. Enhancing human capital is important, because it can bring significant improvements in other critical business areas including revenue growth, operating margins, and asset utilization. Through trust and training, we instil values and competencies across 3 key areas – Culture and Mindset, Competence, as well as HR Systems and Structures – that can touch individual lives and transform organizations. 
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Capelle believes that building relationships is the best way to touch lives and transform organizations. Hence, in all our partnerships, we aspire to spend time with you to get to know your organization and its inner workings. We care for both the success of your organization, as well as the welfare of you and your staff. We hope that through our consultancy services, we can truly make a difference to your organization.


Capelle creates learning solutions which are designed to meet the contextual needs of our clients. We advocate frameworks to anchor concepts and application.  Beyond just imparting practical skills and concepts, our solutions reach into the person to build a sense of purpose, ownership and resilience. We create learning that lasts.


Coaching takes a person to hard-to-reach places which workshops alone cannot. Capelle ignites individuals through Coaching partnerships to ENABLE, ENERGIZE and EMPOWER them to achieve their goals.