Coaching takes a person to hard-to-reach places which workshops alone cannot.

Capelle ignites individuals through Coaching partnerships to ENABLE, ENERGIZE and EMPOWER them to achieve their goals.

1. Essence of Coaching: The Intent


essence of coaching

2. Coaching & Coach

Coaching is most effective when there is change or a need for change. Newness in perspective, newness in approach and newness in behaviors and actions are needed in the midst of change and transitions.  

Immediate New: Managing changes in roles & responsibilities, in new environment with new relationships 
Future New: Preparing for change in role; leadership development & progression

3. Coaching Services
  • Executive Coaching for Senior Management
  • Structured Leadership Development for High Potentials
  • Professional Organizational Coach Training Workshops (POCT)
  • CLAF – An integrated Solution for Leadership Development