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Customer Experience Journey Mapping Services

We understand that the customer’s journey underpins the foundations of any good organization. As an integrated solutions provider, we are proud to provide world-class customer service consultancy in Singapore to clients of various backgrounds. Our customer journey mapping services take a unique approach that are in line with the current dynamic business environment.

Customer Service Consultancy in Singapore

  • Heartware: For any Service Transformation to take place, changing the mindset of both the leaders and staff is key for effective change. Capelle has successfully partnered with both small & medium enterprises (SMEs) and large organizations to gain clarity of their culture. We use this clarity to draw alignment through engagement sessions with their leaders and Service champions.


    Using a combination of both data and facilitation methodologies, many of our clients have gained useful insights with our customer experience journey mapping services. Clients have developed a clear vision and strategic thrusts to propel their organizations forward in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business environment. 

  • Software: At Capelle, we identify and translate ‘moments of truth’. These are derived from our listening lab and customer research, then transmuted into actionable strategies that enable you to address key customer pain points. This knowledge lets you improve the customer journey or service process through mapping and consultancy with us in Singapore.

  • Hardware and User Interface: A mobile strategy is critical to the success of organizations in today’s business climate. Capelle has the expertise to integrate both your organization’s digital and physical touchpoints, thereby enabling you to reach out to the global business community.


Customer Experience


  • Supporting the Heartware, Software and Hardware: With our Service Transformation Journey, Capelle is able to provide an end-to-end solution for your organization. We accomplish this by bringing learning to the workplace, customizing workshops or co-developing communication strategies.
  • Customer Results: Outcomes are important in a Service Transformation Journey.  We identify success indicators together with you at the start of each journey to ensure that your objectives are met. We have a well-established platform of measurement tools such as focus group discussions, mystery audits, customer satisfaction surveys and employee engagement tools.

 For more information on our customer service consultancy in Singapore or customer journey mapping services, please contact us. Learn about our other consultancy work here.