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Culture Building Consultancy

Can you recall the last time you experienced a good product but bad service experience?

Leading organizations recognize that even with great products; great customer experience is important in strengthening relationships with customers. While getting the organization to deliver consistent service is not easy, sustaining a service culture is even harder.

This is where Capelle’s expertise comes into play. Having helped many organizations improve their service performance, we know what it means to create a service culture that is unique and sustainable.

Our culture building consultancy team at our firm in Singapore will help you to define and clarify your service values based on your desired service culture. We will then translate these values into service behaviors, and define practices to reinforce these behaviors.


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Defining Culture, Values and Behaviours with Culture Building Consultancy in Singapore

Capelle has successfully partnered with a range of organizations to develop Service Values and Behaviors. We provide quality culture building consultancy to clients who reach out to our firm in Singapore for assistance in enhancing their customer experience. These have been critical in helping organizations develop their competitive advantage and keeping them at the forefront in their respective industries.

As culture building consultancy experts, we are a firm believer in capturing the values and behaviors by taking into account the Voice of the Customer – it has to reflect the strategic goals and needs of the organization’s customer, whether he is a local in Singapore or someone living further in the West. A critical intervention is most of our solutions is hence to conduct interviews with selected clients, and share key insights distilled with the management team during the Values Development workshop.


Success Story of our Culture Building Consultancy: “All about Values Translation”

How does an organization ensure that all employees have a common understanding of Values that it chooses to adopt?  For example, take a simple value like “Team Spirit” – would it be understood the same way by every employee? 

From our experience, the interpretation of each value could vary widely from individual to individual.  From the management’s perspective, the question could be “how do we ensure that every employee imbibes and lives out each Service Value articulated by the management?”  The answer isn’t always easy. 

In one case, we worked with the Client to co-create a Red Code book that describes behaviors that are acceptable within the organization (but frowned upon by outsiders). This clarifies the desired organizational culture for the employees. In other culture building consultancy projects, we helped our clients to develop mascots that would convey the organization’s objectives.  

Why is it important to translate from Values to Expected Behaviors?  Unless the change in behaviors is felt by customers and its positive effects witnessed by co-workers, the re-design of values and behaviors would be just another fruitless exercise.

Find out more about our change building consultancy services at our firm by reaching out to our team in Singapore. Read more about other consultancy work here.