service transformation journey

Service Vision & Strategy

Delivering excellent customer experience can improve customer engagement which in turn increases sales, drives revenue and reduces the cost of after-sales support and customer care.  If you want to have a consistently high standard of service that your competitors envy while developing a loyal and growing following of customers, we are the right partner for you.

We help organizations articulate an inspiring service vision and clear strategic service goals that are translated into practical service initiatives with tangible measures of success. 


Success Story: “What does it mean to live out a vision?”

Living out a vision is more than just the mere expression of an organization’s core values. It involves proper alignment with resources, coupled with a quest to move towards the desired state, and the perseverance to see through that commitment.

With great pride, we recount our 2-year journey with a Client whose success we have had the privilege of sharing. A leader in the storage industry, our Client quickly recognized that dynamic market forces and intense competition meant that it could not afford to be complacent. This signaled the beginning of a service alignment journey with Capelle – one that has brought new insights and propelled the leaders towards the same direction.

Led by an industry veteran within Capelle, the service vision was soon crafted. At the same time, the Client was able to identify the service values that were critical to supporting the vision. Through a series of employee engagement programs designed by Capelle, the Client ensured that this renewed vision was effectively communicated to every employee! Dialogues were conducted with middle managers and team leaders to inspire them to be role models. Strategic thrusts were identified in key functions to operationalize the vision. Finally, selected employees were identified to lead service improvement initiatives.  

The result? Improvement in Customer Scores, employee development and effective matching of talent to task.

One of our key beliefs is that the development of values and behaviors must be guided by the Voice of the Customer; it has to reflect the Client’s strategic goals and needs of it’s customer. Our work in values translation include identifying customer frustrations and bringing external insights through leadership quotes and anecdotes. Working in partnership with the management team, we distill these insights and unpack the values.