service transformation journey

Software: Customer Journey & Service Processes

Customer Journey 

We will map out an organization’s service touch points, identifying areas for improvement and developing industry-leading service standards. 

We will also design and conduct customized audits (both face-face and phone audits) to measure the service experience that customers receive at various touch points, and integrate these into service cascades (training and action planning). 

customer journey and service process

Service Processes

We partner our customers to identify key service processes that we can help refine, and embed the service behaviours. We use a series of tools such as touchpoint mapping, service blueprinting and flowcharts to capture the challenges that the staff and customers face, whilst devising innovative strategies.


Success Story: “Why wouldn’t the staff get it?”

This was a concern articulated by the CEO of a boutique retail firm who was disappointed when he saw the results of a mystery audit. The mystery auditors had provided feedback that the service recovery process was a tedious process. They were told by boutique employees that goods could be not exchanged or refunded even though the Client’s policy allowed for an exchange or refund within 7 days of purchase.

Why wouldn’t the staff get it? We found that unless the Client’s policy was clearly articulated and constantly reinforced by leaders and experienced colleagues, new employees would not have the confidence to handle service recovery. As it turned out, they were afraid of short-changing the organisation and the resulting repercussions.  

Together with the management team, Capelle conducted a 1-day service recovery workshop to address these concerns. Key employees and managers involved in the service recovery process were invited to participate in the workshop. The open discussions and lively debates on the Dos and Don’ts of the service recovery process, while intense, proved to be fruitful. Together with the management team, we worked on laying out the employment empowerment guidelines, and a revised service recovery process was charted. The session also tore down the silo mentality across functions. Employees were able to exchange viewpoints on the potential implementation challenges. This exercise secured commitment from all parts of the value chain in addressing the process gaps as a team. To ensure that the Client’s policy was kept in practice, we also helped the Client to design an e-learning program that reinforced the principles of the policy.

Process redesign is only the beginning of change. For real change to take place, effective workplace communication is key!


“The service recovery workshop was very helpful to crystallize our service recovery standards and has resulted in improved customer satisfaction.”


Joshua Koh, CEO