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Values Alignment and Cascade

Organizational alignment requires compatibility between an organization’s business strategy and its culture. But what is culture? Culture is a set of shared values, beliefs and attitudes, and practices that drives employees’ behavior, which can either be a hindrance or a boost to achieving the organization’s goals.

At Capelle, we believe that a clearly defined set of values and behaviors will help an organization create its competitive advantage that is not easily copied in today’s society. Capelle assists by conducting a series of diagnostic efforts to translate the organization’s strategy into a set of clarified values. We will also help translate these values into actionable behaviors that will guide employees in their day-to-day operations.

Capelle believes in transforming organizations from the inside out. Alignment of common values and behaviors requires commitment from all levels of the organization; this can then be reinforced through workshops or other interventions. However, the success of such transformation projects ultimately rests on the role-modelling of the management team. Hence, regular steering committee meetings must be organized to review and fine-tune the initiatives along the way.

values alignment cascade

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Our Value Proposition
  • We have the ability to engage the hearts of the people, and not just their minds: Our approach of translating values into behaviors for both senior leaders and employees (non-template driven); the emphasis on leadership role-modelling; making the connection between the values and behaviors, and the organization’s strategy. 
  • Our learning design expertise in using experiential methodologies will drive home key messages related to values that will encourage ownership of appropriate behaviors.


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