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  Programs marked by an asterisk (*) are also available as Public Workshops.

1. Achieving Optimal Results through Project Management *

Skill Standard: Manage Project Timeline 

Who is this program for : Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers 

Duration : 2 Days


Research has shown that most project failures are often caused by the lack of training in the fundamentals of project management.  A manager given a tight deadline can be tempted  to skip planning and leap straight into implementation. However, this can lead to a significant amount of time spent on “fire-fighting” and can lead to failure in achieving the intended objectives.  

Common Challenges

  • Project Management can be overwhelming and can be hard to know where to begin.
  • A project plan is only good if supported by proper and on-time execution.
  • People can get so caught in the details, they missed the objectives.


What You Will Learn

1.Understand the elements of systematic project management.

2.Assess project time constraints in order to sequence tasks accordingly.

3.Apply a systematic approach to project management on job-related projects.

4.Develop project schedule to guide time management of the project.

5.Understand the key factors to successful project management.

6.Implement and manage project schedule to ensure project objectives are met within time frame.

2. Achieving Project Objectives through Effective Implementation

Skill Standard: Apply Project Time Management Techniques 

Who is This Program For? Supporting Staff of Project Teams, Executives 

Duration: 2 Days


Project management requires human resources beyond project managers and project team members. Supporting staff are often enlisted to advance the roles of the project team members and help implement the tasks at hand. While they may not be required to be involved in the project planning process, they play a critical role in achieving the project objectives through effective implementation.