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  Programs marked by an asterisk (*) are also available as Public Workshops.

1. Negotiating Skills *

Skill Standard: Participate in Negotiations 

Who is This Program For? Supervisors, Managers, especially for Marketing and Sales Teams 

Duration: 2 Days

Description: This workshop will equip learners to negotiate effectively by adopting a set of key principles and apply strategy and tactics to manage different situations; manage the negotiating process flexibly, creatively, and confidently by exploring all the essential negotiating variables; manage the information flow skilfully to influence, bargain and close a negotiation and avoid potential deadlocks. 

2. Essential Skills for Negotiation

Skill Standard: Apply Basic Negotiation Skills and Techniques 

Who is This Program For? Executives, Marketers, Sales Supervisors, Team Leaders 

Duration: 1 Day


Whether employees are dealing with vendors or clients, the ability to negotiate directly affects the company’s bottom-line. The former is through cost reduction, and the latter by revenue generation. In order to increase profitability, improve cost-effectiveness and achieve greater productivity, it is vital that employees learn to negotiate successfully for their organization. 

3. Selling with Greater Confidence

Skill Standard: Establish Relationships for Customer Confidence 

Who is This Program For? Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers 

Duration: 2 Days


This workshop aims to equip participants with the ability to build strong customer connections and create the SPARK in selling. With a firm grasp on how to read customers and proactively recommend and close on products and services to meet customer needs, participants will expertly establish relationships for customer confidence.


Who is This Program For? Frontline Sales Executives, Supervisors, Team Leaders 

Duration: 2 Days


An effective salesperson can bring in a continuous stream of revenue and contribute to the bottom-line of the company, while an ineffective one experiences difficulties in achieving sale targets, misses sales opportunities and even drives potential customers away.  This workshop provides a selling framework to build essential competencies needed to become effective salespersons.