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  Programs marked by an asterisk (*) are also available as Public Workshops.

1. Present with Confidence *

Skill Standard : Present Information 

Who is this program for : Executives, Supervisors, Team Leaders 

Duration : 2 Days


The credit does not belong to the organization from where an idea first comes, but to the person who convinces the people of it.  The organization that succeeds is the one where leaders manage to convincingly present its case to both its internal as well as external stakeholders.  Having good presentation skills will help leaders deliver the message effectively with confidence and impact, thereby enhancing stakeholder engagement.

Common Challenges

  • It is hard to remember the key messages of a presentation loaded with information.
  • The slide was so crowded, I do not know where to look.
  • Presentation is not the same as lecturing; without discussion facilitation, the audience can disengage easily.

What You Will Learn

1.Prepare presentation concepts and ideas to garner buy-in from target audience

2.Produce impactful presentation materials with visual aids

3.Present professionally and confidently