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  Programs marked by an asterisk (*) are also available as Public Workshops.

1. Eradicating Problems & Making Effective Decisions*

Skill Standard: Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Managerial Level 

Who is This Program For? Technical Professionals, Front-line Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers 

Duration: 2 Days


This workshop will enable learners to identify and examine causes of performance deficiency and their impact on systems and resources, manage team dynamics in group discussion to identify root cause(s), and apply problem-solving tools and techniques to address performance deficiency. 

2. IMPACT: Advanced Problem Solving and Decision Making

Skill Standard: Apply Systems Thinking in Problem Solving and Decision Making 

Who is This Program For? Managers  

Duration: 2 Days


This workshop aims to equip participants with the tools to solve problems and make decisions more effectively and efficiently in a team-based context, as well as to analyze issues from both targeted and holistic perspectives. Participants will be challenged to use new processes and systems thinking tools to develop solutions and develop implementation plans to tackle complex issues.