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  Programs marked by an asterisk (*) are also available as Public Workshops.

1. Building Business Relationships

Skill Standard: Establish Organizational Relationships and Lead Organizational Diversity and Foster Business Relationships  and Organizational Diversity

Who is This Program For? Senior Managers, Dept. Heads, Directors 

Duration: 2 Days


In a dynamic and changing business environment, it is critical for senior managers to create networks that support their ability to function effectively within the organization and create an environment that encourages innovation and creativity across business structures. Developing their external networks can add to their ability to think strategically, draw on other’s experiences and manage their career development. 

2. UP! Your Service: Building Service Partnerships

Skill Standard: Manage Partnerships for Service Excellence 

Who is This Program For? Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers 

Duration: 2 Days


This workshop demonstrates the importance of building powerful and lasting partnerships with internal and external service partners and customers. It provides effective tools and proven techniques to help participants increase service commitment, add service value and enjoy lasting win-win results. 

3. Building Strategic Relationships Across Boundaries

Skill Standard: Manage Programs and Activities to Enhance Stakeholder Relationships 

Who is This Program For? Managers, Senior Managers 

Duration: 2 Days


Strategic partnerships enable many organizations to focus on what they do best and tap on the resources of others to do the rest. Building trust and confidence is essential for the relationship to work. To do this, leaders must know how to identify ways to cooperate and collaborate to form teams across boundaries, and enhance stakeholder relationships.