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  Programs marked by an asterisk (*) are also available as Public Workshops.

1. Critical Thinking *

Skill Standard: Display Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills  

Who is This Program For? Executives, Supervisors, Team Leaders 

Duration: 1 Day


This workshop will equip learners to develop a critical thinking mindset when dealing with business issues; challenge and rethink ideas and provide insights to relevant stakeholders; demonstrate problem-solving skills within own scope of work; analyze and report business issues and make recommendations to relevant stakeholders and enhance critical thinking skills among team members. 

2. Thinking Skills

Who is This Program For? Executives, Supervisors  

Duration: 1 Day


This workshop is for executives and managers who would benefit from the constructive use of thinking skills and techniques at the workplace. Through this workshop, participants will be equipped to analyze organizational issues systematically and to apply the ‘critical thinking’ process to achieve innovative ideas.  

3. Strategic Thinking

Who is This Program For? Supervisors, Team Leaders  

Duration: 2 Days 


In this fast-changing and competitive world, every organization needs good managers able to drive organizational excellence and also to think strategically. Strategic thinkers’ ability to take in broad perspectives, spot emerging trends and set long-term goals will enable an organization to be ready for the challenges and opportunities both today and for the future.