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Mrs Mohan, 41, principal at agape Little Uni’s Childcare Centre at One North, is passionate about her work. In her 17 years with the company she has held supervisory roles at three of the childcare centres. She explains her passion. “I identify with the vision of the company,’’ says Mrs Mohan. “This quote summarises what we believe in and do - Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 

Set up in 1995, agape Little Uni’s core business is to provide childcare and educational services for children from as young as three months to six years old. The group has seven centres, two franchisees and one student care centre. 


Being A Principal 

Mrs Mohan oversees a total of 180 children and 40 staff at her centre and this position demands a lot from the petite mother of two. She holds frequent meetings with various levels of staff and often finds herself being pulled in different directions by teachers and staff. Principals and Vice-Principals struggle with having much to do, with the little time they have. 

After attending the WSQ “Personal Effectiveness for Leaders” programme for agape’s Principals and Vice-Principals, Mrs Mohan has been energised. She found the programme run by Capelle Academy down to earth and practical in many areas. The course has helped her to be more aware of herself and be better equipped to manage her responsibilities and staff under her. The two day course held from May 30-31 used case discussions, role plays and group work. 


Learning Personality Styles 

One of the learning that was particularly helpful to Mrs Mohan was the section on different personality styles. During the group work, the participants were able to identify the personality types of their colleagues. ‘’Now that I know the personality style of my colleagues, I don’t take differences personally and can accept them the way they are. This learning has taken us onto another level of personal relationship”. In fact, after the training, Mrs Mohan said fellow principals saw each other in a different light and it made the working relationships easier and the workplace happier. 


Learning Time Management 

Another learning which Mrs Mohan found very useful was in the area of time management, goal setting and planning. ‘’Ever since the course, I became very conscious of how important it is to plan specifically for each day and for the week. Previously I would only plan for the month without going into specifics.” Planning is also closely related to priorities. She has also learned to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent. Mrs Mohan has implemented much of what she had learned and the results were obvious. People saw changes in the way she handled meetings. In fact, they requested that she shares with them her key learning points, especially with regards to time management. 




Learning, Applying, Sharing 

After the learning workshop, participants were asked to apply one topic taught during the programme to their daily schedules. Thereafter, they then had to share at a half day ‘Reconnect’ session six weeks later. At that session, participants were able to review the concepts, share their applications and deepen their learning. 

Having seen the effectiveness of the course, Christopher Lim, one of the three directors, is now thinking of training their 120 staff in all their centres. The aim is to train all the staff, from the principals to teachers and operations level staffs in the areas of professional qualifications, personal skills development and leadership equipping. 

Mr Lim explains “agape believes in developing our staff so that as an organisation, we become intentional. We can then impact the lives of the children, prepare them for their lives ahead and equip them with the right attitudes and life skills to face all eventualities. Therefore, training and the love for learning become the bloodline of agape.” 


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Capelle Academy is an accredited training provider with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Capelle offers programs under the following WSQ frameworks: 

- Leadership & People Management (LPM) 

- Business Management (BM) 

- Executive Development and Growth for Excellence (EDGE) 

- Service Excellence (SVCF)