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Case Study in Healthcare

Journey to Service Excellence:

Taking A Bold Step as an SME to join S-Class

Organization: One of the healthcare chains who owns 5 clinics in Singapore 

Staff strength: 50 


How it started?

When Healthcare (name used in this case study) approached Capelle Consulting in 2010 for the Customer Centric Initiative, their intent was to drive service excellence so as to be the first chain of clinics to join in the ranks of the S-Class organizations.

With a small team comprising a dynamic Business Development Manager and an operation executive, he expressed his challenges in engaging his team of medical professionals to embrace S-Class as it might be seen as “additional work” for them.   He also shared the business challenges faced, in terms of intense competition from the larger players in the city area and small clinics being setup at the neighborhood vicinity.

Despite the above challenges, the leadership team went ahead into the CCI journey with the 2 goals in mind:

  • Engage the hearts and minds of the medical professionals to embrace Service Excellence
  • Exceed competition through national recognition


Bold Steps

  •  An initial S-Class Assessment was conducted: This implies mobilizing a team of busy doctors and clinic assistants at the field to be interviewed by Capelle consultants.  Efforts were also made to data mine documentary evidences found within the group to be assessed by Capelle consultants.
  •  A S-Class Working Committee was formed: Championed by the Executive Director who was the category owner of Leadership, the working committee also included experienced clinic managers and doctors.  This enabled buy-in from the ground to the CCI journey as they devoted several weekends to prepare for the S-Class presentation. 
  • Soft skills training for doctors was planned: Doctors are perceived as professionals and Healthcare faced strong resistance when doctors were told that they have to attend soft skills service training in addition to their medical training.  With the help of a Senior Consultant from Capelle, the session was conducted as a platform for information sharing and case study discussion.  Feedback showed that the doctors valued the opportunity to share with like minded professionals from other clinic within the chain.
  •  Organized “heart & art of service” workshop on site: video recorded skills practice was conducted for staff at the clinic.  The participants’ service performance was also observed and recorded by Capelle Consultants who provided coaching to the staff.



After one and a half years of embracing the Customer Centric Initiative, the CCI journey has shown to be a great learning experience for staff.  The results were also shared and celebrated jointly by management and staff at the CCI Showcase by the end of 2011:

  • Mystery Audit with Benchmark: 15 to 20% improvement on the mystery audit scores.  Non-negotiable attributes that showed improvement include “Doctor listening to patients” and “Staff provided estimated waiting time to patients”.  Through the mystery audit, Healthcare has also showed that their audit scores are close to large players like Raffles Healthcare and Healthway
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey : 2 to 6% improvement.  Touchpoints that showed improvement included Telephone and Reception and the Dispensary Process
  • Recognition of Service Champions: The service champions, doctors and clinic assistants who have participated in the journey gained recognition from the company on partnering with the organization in scaling new heights in Service Excellence.


Here are some of the the memorable moments captured during the CCI Showcase organized for Healthcare.

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3

By 2012, this chain of clinic has shown to be the first in their industry to achieve S-Class awarded by SPRING Singapore.