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“Develop the skills, expertise and knowledge of our workforce” 

PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd (PPL), a subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine, is a world leading producer of drilling rigs with more than 2,000 employees coming from across Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, PPL is the epitome of a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-national organization. PPL strongly believes in training and developing their wide pool of professionals from diverse backgrounds to help them achieve optimal efficiency and productivity in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. One of their corporate objectives is to “Develop the skills, expertise and knowledge of our workforce”. This vision brought about a broad offering of short and long term training opportunities for their employees ranging from technical to soft-skills programs. 


A Continuous Learning Mindset and A Knowledge Sharing Culture 

“On one hand, we have very experienced and knowledgeable team members who have been with us for a long time, and we need to ensure that they are kept abreast with the latest technology and industry standards; on the other hand, we have younger members who are eager to learn the ropes from their more seasoned colleagues. Therefore it is poignant for PPL to inculcate a company-wide continuous learning mindset and knowledge sharing culture to meet the training and development requirements for both groups of employees,” explains Kevin Huong, PPL Human Resource (HR) Manager. 

“In addition, our management sees it as their obligation and duty to groom the next generation of leaders to ensure the continuity and the competitiveness of our organization. To do this, we need to equip both our current and future leaders with practical competence, skills and tools in order for them to be effective in their capacity. We owe it to our company to set this succession structure in a seamless motion as we identify potentials to fill in leadership positions now for tomorrow.” 

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Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management (LPM) 

PPL embarked on the “Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management (LPM)” in March 2014 for selected, high potential candidates with managerial or supervisory responsibilities. Consisting of 6 core modules (Lead Team, Manage Self, Manage Achievement of Results, Manage Change, Cultivate Workplace Relationships and Enable People) and 2 elective modules (Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills and Measure and Plan Own Performance), this 11 day diploma course was conducted over 8 - 9 months for 2 different batches by Capelle Academy. By January 2015, PPL saw 27 employees successfully graduate with a Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management. 


Saravanan Panaliappan, who was recently promoted to Assistant Production Manager in charge of shipyard movements and activities, was one of the beneficiaries of this course. He shares, “In my 7 years with this organization, I saw how the shipyard business has evolved in terms of our ways of working and communicating internally and with our customers. Gone were the days of top-down communications. In today’s context, possessing effective 2-way communication skills is a must. I manage a very diverse group of people in terms of age and experience. So having an open and clear communication approach is essential in building a successful and productive team.” Saravanan adds, “This course has definitely prepared me to take on a larger role. I have also learned how to listen more and to make better business decisions by taking a holistic view from the company’s perspective and at the same time putting myself in the shoes of the people involved.” 


A New Outlook On Training 

“Capelle’s support rendered to PPL was invaluable. They took time to understand our vision and contextualized the program to suit our organizational needs which led to the success of this program, “says Kevin Huong. “Training used to be a hard sell to our divisional heads. But with the success of this program, we now have employees knocking on the doors of Human Resources (HR) and asking how they can be a part of this program. Heads of Department (HODs) and team members are taking training more seriously now. This is certainly a huge boost to our company’s training reputation,” Kevin concludes with a smile. 


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Capelle Academy is an accredited training provider with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Capelle offers programs under the following WSQ frameworks: 

- Leadership & People Management (LPM) 

- Business Management (BM) 

- Executive Development and Growth for Excellence (EDGE) 

- Service Excellence (SVCF)