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Creating a Signature Service Experience at Shaw 

Mark Shaw, Executive Vice President (Operations) of Shaw Organisation, is a man of action. When he learned that customers complained about a lack of service, he was determined to create a signature service experience for their cinema patrons. 

Together with Capelle Academy, a roadmap to instil service excellence was drawn up. The roadmap comprised of three phases of service training. Phase one saw more than 200 frontline staff attending a course “Achieving Superior Service” in January. For the next phases, focus group session with customers and post training sessions followed. Shaw also ensured that managers and supervisors were further trained on “The Heart and Art of Service” and “Coach the Coach”. The results were very encouraging and positive. 

There were marked improvements in key areas of the business. Sales service staff was more personable, the quality of their presentations increased and the ticketing system was made more effective. 

The results certainly showed: 

- 70% of staff received more compliments than complaints 

- 100% of staff said they were more confident in dealing with customers 

- 70% of staff were given additional or new responsibilities 

The results showed a change of mindset and culture as staff strived to move from a “good to great service”. With such a positive outcome, Shaw Organisation aims to build on the inroads made on service excellence. Mark explains, “We want to make every service a great experience for the customer so that they will come back for more.” 


Self Confidence and Customer Service 

Suhaimi Isa, 33, Floor Manager Lido Theatre (Bugis) 


Suhaimi started work at Shaw as a Customer Service Officer (CSO) on a part time basis, and in May he applied to be a Manager when he knew that a position was available. He attended three courses in service excellence and has this to say about their impact on him. “The training impressed me a lot. I used to have low self-esteem and had trouble talking to customers. But after the training I gained confidence in being at the front line.” Listening to the trainer and watching the video helped Suhaimi see new ways of handling situations and what approaches to take. He spoke enthusiastically about an incident. “In the past I would ask my colleague about how to handle a problem, but after the training, I made my own decision to solve a customer’s problem. I saw the reaction of the customer. He was very happy with the way I handled it. Now I put myself in the patron’s shoes. I can help solve the problem,” said a smiling Suhaimi. 


Richard Soo, 70, Theatre Manager 


Richard joined Shaw Organisation in 1993 at 50 years of age after more than 30 years as a police officer. His police training came in useful as he handled some roughnecks at Balestier Theatre in the early days. A father of two grown up children in their 30s, Richard’s philosophy in life is to think positively and ‘in doing good things for others.’ With such a belief, Richard is a firm supporter of service excellence. He recalled the training with Capelle’s trainer, Diana Woo. “The course is good because in the role plays, it gave us hands-on practise to solve the customer’s problems. It teaches people a lot about service skills, about what to say, how to answer the patron positively rather than negatively.” Richard was pleased to have received feedback from customers that his staff provided good service. Patrons had given him feedback that Shaw’s service staff has positive attitudes. Added Richard, “I told one of my service staff the compliment given to her and encouraged her to keep it up the good work.” 




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Capelle Academy is an accredited training provider with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Capelle offers programs under the following WSQ frameworks: 

- Leadership & People Management (LPM) 

- Business Management (BM) 

- Executive Development and Growth for Excellence (EDGE) 

- Service Excellence (SVCF)