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Strategic Planning Exercise Conducted by Capelle Consulting 

Singapore Anglican Community Services, formerly the Singapore Anglican Welfare Council, is part of the community service arm of the Diocese of Singapore. It is an affiliate of the National Council of Social Service. SACS is managed by a dedicated team of professional staff and committed volunteers. Currently SACS serves the community through the provision of psychiatric services, senior services and services for special groups.

In September 2015, SACS’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery Services (PRRS) wanted to conduct a corporate strategic planning exercise to plan for the next five years. The objective was to develop clear and sharp strategic goals for 2016 to 2020, identify measures and outline action plans. The workshop was to be attended by representatives from its various centres. Capelle Consulting was appointed to conduct this workshop
Capelle Consulting conducted a 2-Day workshop for PRRS to help develop strategic actions and thrusts, identify key measures, and outline action plans required. The 2-Day workshop also included elements of team-building. The consultants that delivered this 2-Day workshop were Tan Tat Jin (Managing Director), Jackie Yap (Senior Consultant) and Claire Lim (Consultancy Manager).


We were extremely satisfied with the work delivered by Capelle Consulting, as well as the performance of the three consultants.

Before the workshop, they took the time to understand the intricacies and complexities of our organisation, as well as shared with us their experiences with regards to strategic planning. This ensured that the workshop was tailored to the needs of our organisation.

During the workshop, the consultants were enthusiastic and professional; successfully allowing us to achieve our objectives, whilst keeping up the morale and enthusiasm amongst the participants. As Jackie and Claire had prior social services sector experiences, they were able to share examples and anecdotes that were useful to the discussion.

With this strategic plan, PRRS is poised and ready to move forward into 2016.


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Steven Ting

Head, Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery Services 

Director, Simei Care Centre


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