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SLS Bearings’ Breakthrough in Team Management Jaeson is a Sales Manager in the OEM Department of SLS Bearings, a locally owned limited company whose operations span across the regional market. Besides overseeing sales contracts and customer service, Jaeson ensures that his team delivers quality products and adheres to industrial standards.

Like most managers, Jaeson regularly holds meetings with his team to help them understand customer requirements and operating procedures. He wondered how he could foster greater team commitment and instill in team members a greater sense of connectivity to their work and to one another.

After attending the Executive Development and Growth for Excellence (EDGE) module: ‘Develop A Work Team’, Jaeson reviewed how he could involve his team in understanding the process fl ow within the company and then craft new goals. Instead of coaching them from a process map, Jaeson asked his team to put together a video that would help everyone gain a greater understanding of the process fl ow within their department and with other critical departments which would ultimately impact service levels with their customers.

Jaeson was amazed by his team members’ eagerness to take on the task and also their delight in the completed product. The team was in awe of the entire process and marveled at how the exercise was meaningful to them. More importantly, everyone was motivated to learn while having FUN. Bonds were strengthened within and across departments. The result totally surpassed Jaeson’s expectations.

Added Mrs Lim Wai Leng, the Group HR Manager of SLS Bearings, “We are encouraged that the workshop has helped our managers and team leaders discover innovative ways to manage teams.”

If you, like SLS Bearings, are keen to explore how the usual team tasks can be re-designed to meet team goals, understand the critical success factors in shaping a team and learn ways to facilitate team contribution and develop team competence, you would benefit from participating in EDGE’s Develop A Work Team. 


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Capelle Academy is an accredited training provider with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Capelle offers programs under the following WSQ frameworks: 

- Leadership & People Management (LPM) 

- Business Management (BM) 

- Executive Development and Growth for Excellence (EDGE) 

- Service Excellence (SVCF)