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Electives (WSQ Prof. Diploma in LPM)

The following are programs offered as electives for the WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership & People Management. 

Electives may be taken from the same WSQ level or 1 level above or below the Core Modules (offered at Level 4).

Modules marked with an asterisk (*) are available as Public Workshops. 


 WSQ Leadership & People Management Framework (LPM)
No. Course TitleLevelNo. of Hours Skill Standard
1 Achieving Work Targets316 Monitor and Reward  Performance in a Team to  Support Achievement of  Results
2 Building a Results Oriented Team316 Lead Team to Develop  Operational Plan 
3 Enhancing Team Effectiveness316 Building Team  Relationships
4 Frontline Coach316 Develop and Motivate  Team Members through  Capability Development 
5 Innovate, Implement, Improve316 Lead Team to Implement  Change
6 Leading Through People*316 Develop Self to Maintain  Professional Competence  at Supervisory Level
7People Leadership Program*424Lead Team Leaders to Develop Business Strategies and Governance Management & 'Develop Self to Maintain Professional Competence at Managerial Level'
8Performance Management*416Monitor and Reward Performance Across Teams to Manage Achievement of Results
9Group Excellence*416Cultivate Workplace Relationships and Diversity
10Innovation and Change Management*416Facilitate innovation and Lead Team Leaders to Implement Change
113-D People Development*416Develop Team Leaders through Capability Development and Coaching
12 Leading Change5 & 6 16 or 20 Lead Change & Facilitate  Change
13 Building Business Relationships 5 & 6 16 Establish Organizational  Relationships &
 Foster Business  Relationships
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 WSQ Business Management Framework (BM)
No. Course TitleLevel No. of Hours  Skill Standard 
1 Present with Confidence*316 Present Information
2 Critical Thinking*38 Display Critical Thinking  and  Analytical Skills
3 Achieving Optimal Results through  Project  Management416 Manage Project  Timeline      
4 Negotiation Skills*416 Participate in  Negotiations
5ADEPT at Delivering the Future - A Design Thinking Experience*416Contribute to Innovation Process within own scope of Work in the Business Unit
6 Achieving Project Objectives through  Effective  Implementation 316 Apply Project Time  Management Techniques
7 Contribute to Innovation 316 Contribute to Innovation  Process within Own  Scope of Work in the  Business Unit
8 Essential Skills for Negotiation38 Apply Basic Negotiation  Skills & Techniques
9 Preparing for Performance Appraisal38 Measure & Plan Own  Performance & Behavior
10 Strategic Stakeholder  Engagement                                  416 Manage Programs and  Activities to Enhance  Stakeholder  Relationships
11 Champion and Facilitate  Innovation                                                                 416 Manage Innovation in a  Business Function
12 Research & Analyze Business Opportunities416 Research & Analyze  Business Opportunities
13 Achieve Personal and Team Work Targets416 Monitor and Reward  Performance in a Team to  Support Achievement of  Results & Measure and    Plan Own Performance  and Behavior
14 Lead and Influence People3 & 4 24 Develop Self and  Articulate  & Discuss  Ideas
15 Make Change Happen3 & 4 16 Implement Change and  Display Critical Thinking  &  Analytical Skills
16 Manage Change and Innovation3 & 4 16 Facilitate Innovation and  lead team leaders to  implement Change and  Display  Critical Thinking  & Analytical Skills
17 Performance Management and Appraisal3 & 4 16 Monitor and Reward  Performance Across  Teams to Manage  Achievement of Results &  Measure and Plan  Own  Performance    and  Behavior         
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 WSQ Executive Development & Growth for Excellence Framework (EDGE)

No. Course TitleLevel No. of Hours Skill Standard
1 Results Communication416 Lead Workplace  Communication &  Engagement
2 Emotional Intelligence: The Cutting Edge of  Leadership* 416 Apply Emotional  Competence to Manage  Self & Others in a  Business  Context 
3 Personal Effectiveness for Leaders416 Develop Personal  Effectiveness at  Managerial  Level 
4 Eradicating Problems and Making Effective  Decisions416 Solve Problems and Make  Decisions at Managerial  Level 
5 Leading for Innovation 416 Support the  Establishment  of an  Initiative & Enterprise  Framework
6 Manage Process Improvement 416 or 24 Manage Process  Improvement 
7 Manage Quality Systems and Processes432 Manage Quality Systems  and Processes
8 Synergizing for Success416 Develop a Work Team 
9 Design and Development of a Productivity  Framework 516 Contribute to the Design  and Development of a  Productivity Framework 
10 IMPACT: Advanced Problem Solving and Decision  Making 516 Apply Systems Thinking  in  Problem Solving &  Decision Making 
11 Manage Cross Functional and Culturally Diverse  Teams516 Manage Cross Functional  and Culturally Diverse  Teams
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 WSQ Service Excellence Competency Framework (SVCF)
No. Course TitleLevel No. of Hours Skill Standard
1 The Service Coach316 Coach for Service  Performance/Manage  Service Performance
2 The Customer Matters316 Establish Relationships  for  Customer  Confidence 
3 UP! Your Service: Increasing  Customer Loyalty316 Establish Relationships  for    Customer  Confidence 
4 Role Model the Service Vision 316 Role Model the Service  Vision
5 Harness Diversity for Service Excellence316 Manage a Diverse Service  Environment
6 Manage Service Operations316 Manage Operations for  Service Excellence
7 Build an Uplifting Service Culture 416 Lead with Service Vision
8 Design Winning Products and Services48 Develop New  Products/Services
9 Develop Service Operations416 Develop Service  Operations
10 Foster Service Innovation416 Foster Service Innovation
11 Lead with Service Vision48 Lead with Service Vision
12 UP! Your Service: Building Service  Partnerships416 Manage Partnerships for  Service Excellence
13 Build a Customer Focused Organization58 Champion a Service  Excellence Ethos
14 Evaluate Organization for Business  Excellence516 Evaluate Organization for  Business Excellence
15 Strategize Service Operations58 Strategize Service  Operations 
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 WSQ Employability Skills Framework (ES)
No. Course TitleLevel No. of Hours Skill Standard
1 Foster Initiative & Enterprise in Teams316 Foster Initiative &  Enterprise  in Teams
2 Personal Effectiveness for Supervisors316 Develop Personal  Effectiveness at  Supervisory  Level 
3 Solve Problems & Make Decisions at Supervisory  Level316 Solve Problems & Make  Decisions at Supervisory  Level
 WSQ Human Resource Framework (HR)
No. Course TitleLevel No. of Hours Skill Standard
1 Career Coaching Workshop*316Provide Career Advice
2Impactful Facilitation*316 Facilitate Group Processes
 Non WSQ Workshops 
No. Course Title-No. of Hours -
1SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace*-16-