Business consultation
agape Little Uni

Mrs Mohan, 41, principal at agape Little Uni’s Childcare Centre at One North, learnt more about management, goal setting and planning. ‘’Ever since the course, I became very conscious of how important it is to plan specifically for each day and for the week. Previously I would only plan for the month without going into specifics.”


“We felt that with the business climate becoming more competitive, we wanted to enhance the selling and negotiation skills of the sales team. Since 3M’s worldwide sales initiative was on developing the sales team, we searched for a program to provide the skills training. We found a match in the Negotiation Skills Program offered by Capelle Academy.”

Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Farah Samat, Corporate Services Assistant, shared a mantra gleaned from the workshops – ‘wiping off the coffee stain’. Simply put, when one has drunk his coffee at a common area, he should be mindful enough to clean off the mug stain so as not to inconvenience the next person using the area. This create a ripple effect towards a more caring culture.

Shaw Organisation

Mark Shaw, Executive Vice President (Operations) of Shaw Organisation, is a man of action. When he learned that customers complained about a lack of service, he was determined to create a signature service experience for their cinema patrons.

Together with Capelle Academy, a roadmap to instil service excellence was drawn up.