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Wong Li Shan

Learning Specialist

    A community builder who has lived and worked in Timor-Leste for 14 years, Li Shan believes that every individual has potential to grow and achieve greater capabilities. This can happen when there are opportunities to learn, which then leads to an untapped potential from being unleashed. Armed with this belief and conviction, Li Shan co-founded Cocoon, a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Justice in Timor-Leste focusing on Early Childhood education, English language training and youth development.

    In Cocoon, she designed and executed English language training for children that range from ages 5 to 16 years. The training curriculum, which focuses on holistic development, included reading programs, numeracy skills, computer skills, and music classes.

    In 2015, together with the local team that she led, they pioneered a kindergarten where she served as the Principal for 5 years. Besides running the day-to-day operations of the kindergarten, Li Shan also intensively coached and intentionally mentored the local teachers. The teachers in the kindergarten have since partnered the education ministry in Timor-Leste to conduct teacher training for schools in the rural areas.

    After her local team successfully launched an after-school care program, which enabled the NGO to reach self-sustainability financially in August 2021, Li Shan made her way back to Singapore.

    To reinforce her dedication in helping people flourish and attain excellence; as well as, finding solutions to build stronger and more resilient communities, Li Shan is currently pursuing a Masters of International and Community Development.


    Driven by her passion to help people live a better life, Li Shan was a freelance photographer, videographer and editor to promote the cause of the poor and marginalized. Her work brought her into the close quarters of the developing communities across Asia in Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Timor-Leste, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam.


    Masters of International and Community DevelopmentDeakin University, Australia (Currently pursuing)


    Bachelor of Communication Studies, Journalism (Honors)Nanyang Technological University


    Diploma in TESOLLondon Teacher Training College

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