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Mark Lee


    A highly effective communicator and stakeholder manager, Mark engenders dialogues between different stakeholders to achieve common goals. He is also experienced in facilitating sessions between government bodies, private enterprises and funding bodies. He skilfully takes discrete data points, analysing them and seeing how they might lend themselves to achieve the ultimate end-goal.

    By adeptly deploying design thinking, Mark helps clients share, align and optimize their inputs. In so doing, the stakeholders find themselves greatly empowered, and realized their unique contribution indeed helped in solving the issues at hand.

    Leveraging on his internship experience as a Research assistant in an MNC specializing in leadership development insights, strategy and solutions, Mark is a firm believer in having critical insights surrounding the context and needs of people and issues. This is key to him being able to craft meaningful solutions for optimal delivery.


    • Successfully aligned deliverables across various tracks of work for a Service Initiative to design and re-design volunteer roles for the elderly and caregivers
    • Assisted in organizing an inaugural 1-week leadership experience in Singapore – hosted and facilitated dialogues between 100plus business leaders including Richard Leider, Carla Harris and Samuel Lam
    • Successfully delivered 2-full days of eSports commentary to more than 2,000 live crowd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • Successfully selected on the Analyst Panel for “Hyperplay” – a first partnership between Riot Games, MTV, ASEAN and Singapore’s Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) to bring together professional music and eSports
    • Co-led a Vision, Mission, Values transformation project for Assisi Hospice, including leading training sessions for Senior Management and Ground Staff
    • Led a Productivity Diagnosis project for a Family Service Centre, including Time Motion Studies, Interviews and Focus Group Discussions, and proposing potential productivity interventions
    • Project managing an on-going HR solutions-centric workplace intervention encompassing over 50 early childhood centres

    Prior to joining Capelle, Mark worked in the digital entertainment industry, specializing in providing commentary for professional eSports across S.E.Asia.


    Yale-NUS CollegeBachelor in Arts (Honors with Distinction), Anthropology

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