Coaching (Career / Developmental)

Coaching (Career / Developmental)

Many leaders are in their role because of their functional expertise. While they are undeniably good in their roles, they may not necessarily be strong in people leadership. Coaching skills will help to strengthen the leader’s ability to motivate and encourage his team to perform at their best, it also helps to develop the potential in them.

At the End of the Course, You’ll Learn to:

  1. Assess the needs of your subordinates and determine what leadership style should be used to help optimize their potential
  2. Identify and apply a coaching process to help you maximize your role
  3. Understand and internalize coaching skills, namely active listening and powerful questioning
  4. Motivate and encourage subordinates, when necessary
  5. Help subordinates reframe perspectives
  6. Apply feedback skills and know better how to provide more constructive feedback


Please note that the workshops below vary in sub-topics and depth of coverage. Connect with us and we can help you identify the most suitable workshops to optimize your learning mileage.

A. Developmental Coaching Workshops

  • Leader as Coach
  • The Service Coach*

B. Career Coaching Workshops

  • Provide Career Advice

* SSG funding available


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