Capelle believes that Coaching is a partnership
that takes clients from good to excellent.


Capelle believes that Coaching is a partnership that takes clients from good to excellent.



Our CLAF Coaching Framework

Our proprietary CLAF Coaching Framework is an integrated solution for Leadership Development. It comprises 4 components: Coaching, Learning, Application and Feedback, which can be used for both individuals and groups. 

For Individuals, the solution is customised to specific leadership needs in consultation with the organisational sponsor. Feedback provides data and impetus for change, as well as a review of progress. Curated Learning accelerates the change process of the client. As always, the focus is discovery and reflection of Application during the Coaching session. 

We’ve found that combining workshop Learning with Group Coaching has been effective, while Application is discussed and processed in small groups. This is especially useful for high potentials. Participants not only benefit from the discussion of common challenges faced by peers and how to overcome them, but also appreciate the peer bonding across functions. 


Our Coaching Services


  • Close Competency Gaps
  • New on-the-job/ Onboarding
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Development

Support Through
Organisational Change

  • Support person or team through transitions


  • Help improve performance of high potentials and good performers

Build Team

  • Develop high performance teams through group coaching


Our Approach

We Enable others
to discover their own solutions

We Energise others
to move forward toward their goals

We Empower others
to be the best that they can be

Coaching benefits those who, while currently successful, are facing gaps in their leadership competencies.



Coaching is most effective when there is change or a need for change.

Change comes about with shifts in perspective, mindset and approach. This results in changes in behaviors and actions towards others and tasks.

Coaching focuses on the present and the future. It also aims to help successful people perform even better.


The Role of A Coach

A Coach acts a sounding board for clients to bounce off ideas, a mirror to reflect to clients what they see, hear, observe and sense, a cheer leader to encourage clients to move forward during difficult moments, and a pacer to run with clients on their coaching journey of change.



Meet Our Coaches

Dr. Lee Tsao Yuan

Dr. Lee Tsao Yuan

Non-Executive Director

Dr Lee coaches CEOs and senior managers of MNCs as well as local companies in Asia, both individually and in teams. A naturally structured and results-oriented person, her coaching style is a blend of intuition, graciousness and challenge.

Anthony Tan

Anthony Tan

Executive Coach

Trust is a precious gift. If success of coaching is measured by the level of trust coachees have in their coaches, then Anthony definitely passed the test with flying colors.

William Tan

William Tan

Executive Coach

William has been engaged by clients for mindset and behavioral change, change management, negotiation as well as cross-cultural integration of expatriates coming into the Asia Pacific.

Sharon Teo

Sharon Teo

Executive Coach

An experienced and trained coach, Sharon is highly effective in partnering and supporting clients towards meeting their driven goals. Sharon is also highly valued by her clients for her nurturing character and excellent listening ability, yet having an achievement orientation.


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