COVID-19 Advisory

COVID-19 Advisory

Based on guidelines by the Government, we are now able to resume face-to-face trainings within a classroom context. This must be accompanied strictly by the Safe Management Measures. We will also ensure that our premise be cleaned and sanitized so that our clients, learners and our employees will have peace of minds.

These are the Safe Measurement Measures that everyone entering the Capelle premise MUST observe:

  • Please use the Safe Entry visitor management system before entering the premise
  • Daily temperature checks (AM & PM) for everyone including visitors that are onsite
  • Health Declaration form MUST be completed
  • Please wear your mask at all times when you are onsite – You are strongly encouraged to bring an extra mask in case of the need to change
  • Hand sanitizers are available for your use
  • If you are unwell, or are showing flu-like symptoms, we advise you to stay home and see a doctor.
  • Stay Home Notice MUST be strictly observed and obeyed
  • When in the premise, please practice safe distancing of at least 1-metre between person must be observed at all times
  • Everyone is encouraged to practice good personal hygiene, frequent hand-washing throughout the day and be socially responsible

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On top of all the above:

  • Do not congregate or socialize in groups of more than 5 anywhere in the premise at any time
  • You will be seated in groups of maximum 5 and will remain in the same group throughout the training sessions. Switching of groups or mingling outside of the same groups will not be allowed
  • During activities, if any, safe distancing will be maintained between trainer(s) and learners. There will be strictly no mingling across designate groups
  • Trainer(s) are required to wear their face shields while training or facilitating a session, and change to face masks after the session, and when interacting with the learners
  • Meals/ tea breaks will be served with individually packed food and drink and consumed only in the designated area within the premise

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update the measures whenever required.

For the latest updates on COVID-19, you may visit: www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19

Updated: September 2020

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