Embarking On A Process Improvement Quest

Embarking On A Process Improvement Quest

A Social Service client was on a quest for a process improvement when they started their journey with us. Their aim was to streamline part of their trust processes in order that they could apply the learning to their other processes before moving into work processes automation eventually.

6 Months of Process Improvement Journey

  • analysis of the client’s work processes and documentations
  • intensive interviews with Management and staff team to identify issues and challenges faced
  • facilitated an energetic Action Learning Workshop to foster camaraderie among staff team, as well as to co-create solutions to resolve some operational challenges
  • helped our client to leverage on their existing tools to address their operational challenges. At the same time, reviewing and relooking at how the useful functions in the existing tools can address some of the existing challenges
  • proposed relevant KPIs to help client the funding requirements


Our client accomplished all their KPIs and were able to used the knowledge shared to apply to other work processes not covered in this project.

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