Have you been in situations where you try to get another party to see your perspective but to no avail? Or hope to get somethings done with less resistance? We all face situations like these at one point or another, be it at the workplace, our homes, or even at the community level. Everyday, we are faced with situations that require us to be able to better handle them with good influencing skills.

Influencing skills are necessary not only across all echelons of an organization, it is an essential skill that will help us to garner better team collaborations as well as for teams to aim for higher standards.

At the End of the Course, You’ll Learn to:

  1. Identify factors relevant for influencing
  2. Identify and implement appropriate influencing methods to encourage desired response required for different situations
  3. Understand, identify and practice the influencing process
  4. Develop and apply an influencing plan and skills to a workplace scenario


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  • Influencing Skills*

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