Innovation and Change Management Solutions in Singapore

Innovation & Change Management

In an environment of accelerated change and aggressive global competition, the organisation that constantly reinvents itself has a greater chance of continued success and relevance. To this end, leaders must create a workplace that encourages learning and innovation, and embrace change positively to help their organisation achieve their desired benefits and outcomes.

At Capelle Consulting, we offer integrated solutions to lead companies both big and small through the process of organisational change. Our services support organisations through all stages of change, from conception to execution and ultimately, to resolution and realisation of the expected outcomes. 

At the End of the Workshop, You’ll Learn to:

  1. Contribute to the development of a learning organisation that in turn supports the development of teams and individuals
  2. Identify competencies to assist individuals and teams to respond positively to change
  3. Reward innovation by supporting and modeling enterprising behaviour and risk-taking
  4. Promote understanding in areas of achievement and discover opportunities for growth and improvement
  5. Work with various team leaders to anticipate and plan for predictable consequences of change, apply systems thinking and provide support
  6. Assign roles and responsibilities to implement change strategies and processes for greater effectiveness and innovation
  7. Identify, develop and review systems and behaviors that may support or limit change
  8. Identify actions and resources required to ensure change processes generate required benefits
  9. Analyse data and feedback from team leaders to establish trends

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