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Recruiting the right candidate is vital for any organization to ensure a match in competencies and in turn increase staff retention. As such, the selection process is important to ensure that recruitment is done right at the onset. Awareness of key domains such as asking the right questions, identifying the key competencies, experiences and qualifications are essential elements in identifying the right candidate for the organization.

At the End of the Course, You’ll Learn to:

  1. Understand the interviewing process
  2. Conduct recruitment interview professionally to avoid biases and pitfalls
  3. Assess the candidate’s potential during the interview
  4. Apply effective questioning, listening and rapport building skills during interviews
  5. Understand and apply the various assessment tools and techniques in conducting an interview
  6. Plan for the interview and take action after the interview
  7. Develop an action plan for self-improvement in conducting interviews and better selection of candidate


  • Effective Selection & Interviewing Skills
  • Effective Interviewing Skills

Please note that the workshops below vary in sub-topics and depth of coverage. Connect with us and we can help you identify the most suitable workshops to optimize your learning mileage.


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