Mentoring is an effective means for building an organization’s people capability. Career development within an organization is essentially a partnership between the organization and its employees. Managers and mentors need to understand this and enable their appointed mentees make their own career development choices, values and competency development choices within the organization.

At the End of the Course, You’ll Learn to:

  1. Appreciate the need to develop others in their careers through mentoring
  2. Understand the definitions of mentoring, what does the role entails and the difference between a mentor and a coach
  3. Develop an effective style in mentoring
  4. Identify and apply a set of principles and avoid making common mistakes in mentoring
  5. Apply active listening skills in mentoring
  6. Ask probing questions to help mentee clarifies own thinking and motivation
  7. Apply feedback skills and handle difficult cases
  8. Discuss with mentees constructively and seek agreement on competency development actions
  9. Help mentees plan their own development paths using a systematic approach or template
  10. Help mentees identify their career orientation, values, interest, motivations when making career choices
  11. Help mentees develop their values and character;
  12. Manage difficult mentees;
  13. Conduct the important first meeting effectively and develop improvement plans on your mentoring skills


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  • 1. Mentoring Leaders, Developing Leaders*

* Non-WSQ workshop

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