Leveraging on Multigenerational Teams

Leveraging the Strengths of a Multigenerational Team

The workforce today is more generationally diverse than before as we consider the mixed working age population of the boomers, Generations X, Y or millennials, and Z. Research shows that mixed-age teams with strong organization inclusive practices drive higher productivity and lower turnover for both the older and younger workers. While it is true that organizations can leverage on the strengths of a multigenerational team to boost outcomes and productivity, managing and working effectively with a diverse generation can still be an uphill battle.

The heart of this course aims to foster greater unity within your organizations through bridging the gaps between the generations. It seeks to encourage more open communications and greater collaboration across generations.

At the End of the Course, You will:

  1. Gain greater understanding and knowledge about each generations’ culture for stronger engagement
  2. Appreciate the uniqueness of every individual and leverage on each other’s strengths for better effectiveness
  3. Acquire practice handles to communicate effectively with different generations


  • Leveraging the Strengths of a Multigenerational Team



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