Negotiation can be daunting and not necessary the easiest skill acquired. But it is certainly an essential skill to possess as long as you are dealing with vendors or clients or even inter-departmental. The ability to negotiate directly affects the organization’s bottom-line and productivity. It is therefore vital that employees learn to negotiate successfully.

At the End of the Course, You’ll Learn to:

  1. Adopt a set of key principles for better negotiation
  2. Apply negotiation strategy and tactics to manage different situations to negotiate effectively
  3. Explore all the essential negotiating variables to manage the negotiating process
  4. Skilfully manage the information flow as an integral part of managing the negotiating process
  5. Influence and bargain to achieve negotiation outcomes
  6. Successfully close a negotiation and avoid potential deadlocks


Please note that the workshops below vary in sub-topics and depth of coverage. Connect with us and we can help you identify the most suitable workshops to optimize your learning mileage.

  • Negotiating Skills*
  • Essential Skills for Negotiation*

*SSG Funding available


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