People Management

People Management

We all recognize that people are undeniably almost the most important asset to any organization. Just as financial assets and physical capital are critical assets that require effective management, attention needs to be given to the management and development of human capital. This is especially so for high potential employees and ley personnel who should be developed systematically and professionally in order to enhance an organization’s capability.

At the End of the Course, You’ll Learn to:

  1. Facilitate implementation of organization strategies and promote compliance with governance requirements
  2. Understand and enhance personal role and style effectiveness
  3. Influence decision making and adopt a systematic approach to leading people
  4. Enhance your skills in giving instructions, coaching, delegating, managing poor commitment and counselling difficult cases
  5. Supervise the people whom you have to work with in diverse situations
  6. Demonstrate commitment to self-development


Please note that the workshops below vary in sub-topics and depth of coverage. Connect with us and we can help you identify the most suitable workshops to optimize your learning mileage.

  • LPM4: People Leadership Program
  • LPM3: Grow in People Leadership
  • LPM3: Leading Through People
  • LPM3: Building a Results-oriented Team

# Top skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution by World Economic Forum

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