Service Innovation

Service Innovation

With disruption happening across industries at unprecedented pace, the need for innovation becomes ever more pressing in order to remain relevant. It is already challenging to generate breakthrough ideas lest setting an innovation structure and culture. Innovation in some sense does demands rigorous ideation. While these revolutionary ideas are precious, it is even more important to ensure these ideas are align to the organizational innovation strategy.

At the End of the Course, You’ll Learn to:

  1. Promote service innovation culture in the organization to support the idea creation process
  2. Lead team(s) in generating service innovation ideas so to effectively communicate the innovation strategy
  3. Facilitate the implementation of service innovation ideas in the organization to align with the organization’s goals
  4. Evaluate success of implemented service innovation ideas to meet the business objectives


Please note that the workshops below vary in sub-topics and depth of coverage. Connect with us and we can help you identify the most suitable workshops to optimize your learning mileage.

  • Design Winning Products
  • Foster Service Innovation
  • Service Innovation Works*

*SSG Funding available


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