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Claire Lim


    Currently a team lead in the Consulting team, Claire is experienced serving the public and private sectors clients across industries. She is not only a competent Project Manager, who has managed large-scale projects with multiple workstreams effectively, Claire is also passionate about people and organizational growth. She hopes to spur growth and transformation for organizations to help them thrive and be successful.

    Claire has broad experiences in Service and Organizational Development. Her main area of specialization is in Change Management, specifically in conducting Change Impact Assessment, and designing Change Communications.

    Claire had previously worked with numerous corporations to develop Service as a Strategic Thrust, and delivered key initiatives for culture building. She had worked with extensive clients to deliver organizational-wide learning needs analysis, competency profiling, 360-degree customer, and team satisfaction, and change readiness surveys. In the course of her past works, Claire had worked with the Singapore Government and a Resource firm to roll out large-scale system implementation projects.

    Prior to joining Capelle, Claire was an Analyst with Accenture.


    • Ongoing management of a productivity improvement project across 40 Social Sector Agencies, with a focus to develop a culture to implement technology solutions to improve productivity. Change Management is key in this project as this is a people-oriented sector
    • Managed a large-scale Consultancy and Training project,  which supported more than 50 pre-schools across Singapore to adopt progressive HR practices
    • Successfully developed job profiles for key positions, conducted organizational-wide learning needs analysis for implementation of structured training plans for a technology client
    • Successfully rolled-out of Policy Communication and Soft Skills Training to more than 3,000 volunteers in partnership with a Government agency
    • A key team player involved in driving a multi-year partnership in Service Transformation and Change communications journey for an Oil & Gas client
    • Successfully drove a multi-year partnership on a Service Transformation journey, and development of the e-Learning solutions with a Lifestyle client
    • Successfully executed a Change Management initiative for an IT implementation for the entire government body with communications and collateral to all levels, as well as completion of 8 roadshows to meet set objectives
    • Led 20 members team to successfully complete 48 consulting projects for 36 social sector organizations in Singapore. The project scopes include: Strategic Planning, Financial Sustainability, Human Capital Development, Operations Management and Impact Assessment


    Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honors), Accounting and FinanceWarwick Business School, UK

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