Design Thinking and Innovation Strategy in Singapore

Design Thinking and Innovation Strategy in Singapore

Innovation future-proofs a business. Design thinking helps to foster a human-centered design mindset which ensures an organization’s competitive edge.

We naturally develop ingrained thinking patterns based on accumulated knowledge, repetitive activities and past experiences. Relying on this mode of thinking encourages quick solutions to similar or familiar situations. However, this mindset can limit our potential to conquer ambiguous or constantly evolving problems. Design thinking helps us develop innovative, creative and organic strategies of seeing the world and solving problems in and through our designs, our businesses and our lives.

Through deep understanding of users’ needs and behaviors, participants of our design thinking workshop will become sensitive to the myriad of opportunities to improve processes, products, environments and experiences. In collaboration with team members, participants will learn to tap into users’ needs and wants, prototype and test innovations, incorporate feedback and cultivate a mindset that is committed to delivering better, human-centred experiences.

Our learning solutions are holistically designed to help our learners internalize useful competencies, build practical skills, gain resilience, and discover a sense of purpose in and ownership of their ideas. Everyone in the team has a role to play in delivering engaging designs and experiences.

At the End of the Workshop, You’ll Learn To:

  1. Empathize with customers, identify their needs and wants, and gain more insights to produce human-centred solutions
  2. Identify opportunities for improvement and innovation within your own scope of work
  3. Collaborate with others to improve and generate more human-centred innovative strategies
  4. Prototype and test ideas to determine their effectiveness
  5. Present ideas to relevant stakeholders to gain more targeted feedback
  6. Support the implementation of human-centred innovation initiatives

Our Design Thinking and Innovation Strategy Workshop

Please note that the workshops listed vary in sub-topics and depth of coverage. Connect with us and we can help you identify the most suitable workshops to optimize your learning mileage.

  • Design Thinking : ADEPT at Delivering the Future*

*SSG funding available


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