Future-Ready Yourself For Digitalization

The idea of digitalization has not only been hastened in this pandemic; it has become more concretized in the way it is going to shape our lives, our businesses, our education, and certainly our careers. It has and will in many ways change the ways we connect, interact, and do things. Whether we are conscious or not, digitalization has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Before we dive deeper into considering how we can future-ready ourselves for digitalization, let us recapitulate what is digitalization?

Digitization vs. Digitalization

Often confused with digitization, digitalization, has been argued by some that it cannot happen unless digitization takes place first. Digitization simply is the conversion of analog to digital, whilst digitalization is making use of digital technologies and digitized data to better engage and interact with customers, transform how work can be done more efficiently, and perhaps create new revenue streams.

In short, digitalization is about a strategy or process that goes beyond technological implementation that implies a major change to the entire core business model and the whole evolution of work.

With digital infiltration into our workforce, skills required are also rapidly evolving to suit this change. Professionals like you and I are left to ask ourselves, what should I learn or what skills should I develop to future-ready myself for this digital wave?

Future-Ready Your Career

1. Adopt a “Change” mindset

Adapting to technological change is no longer an option, and it will only become more robust as it keeps evolving. As such, change is also inevitable in the workforce environment. One needs to be adaptable and resilient to brace these changes.

Besides being ready to change course as quickly as possible, having an open mind to adapt instead of resisting to what this transition may bring is also necessary.

2. Level-Up Your Digital Skillset

One of the best ways to build the confidence for this new technology-driven world is not to become tech-averse. If you find yourself saying that “I’m just not tech-savvy” most of the time, then it’s good to adopt a “change” mindset to take extra time to learn more about the technology you might be struggling with. Or you may consider signing up for relevant courses to better support your effort of leveling up. These skills can definitely be learned, honed and improved upon so that it will help to strengthen your resume as well.

3. Expand Your Skillset

Expand the digital skills that you already possess by building on or acquiring new skills that are web or app-related for productivity, digital marketing, data analytics, design thinking or even cyber security for further advancement.

These new skills, which are currently in demand will definitely give you a competitive advantage. With the government now reimbursing your continuing education, what better time to upskill than now?

4. Don’t Neglect Your Soft Skills

While you build your digital toolbox, don’t neglect soft skills development like People Leadership, Communication, Presentation, Time Management or Critical Thinking, etc. as well. Soft skills need to be honed and are indispensable because these are “tasks” that can only be managed and performed by humans with emotional intelligence.

5. Create a Strong Digital Personal Branding

Today, we learn and search practically anything and everything about anyone digitally. Even your search for an ideal job and your hirers searching for ideal talents is done digitally. Therefore, digital personal branding has become a necessity.

It is important that you have an online presence and portfolio to showcase all your credentials and achievements. It is even better if you are contributing and publishing professional content that reflects your expertise. This will help to increase your personal brand visibility.

The future of digitalization is happening now, and this has brought disruptions and implications to us in myriad ways. Instead of denying and resisting this change, we need to brace ourselves and be ready to welcome the future of tomorrow!



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